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Transform Your Classroom with Effective Video Lessons
I have long been an advocate for meaningful use of instructional videos for teaching and learning. Differentiation and individualization are incredibly difficult in a one-size-fits-all, traditional lecture setting. You don’t have to completely flip your classroom to effectively implement video lessons; there are hundreds of ways to improve teaching and learning with video.  All of the ideas below benefit from the combined powers of pause and rewind. The ability to pause and rewind lessons may be one of the greatest strengths of video-based learning.
A Video Lesson for Practically Anything
I’ve seen a lot of educational video sites that boast thousands of videos, but few go beyond the basic topics covered in any subject area. When I first came across I decided to investigate how deep their video lessons extended into content I have taught. Biological magnification is not a surface level topic in biology or environmental science, but it is one with which many students struggle. A quick search brought me directly to a video lesson that did an exceptional job of explaining the concept in a practical context. My search results also led me to a second video that explained another term that students often confuse with biological magnification. I had completely forgotten about this common misconception, but a search for video lessons put it directly in front of me.
Much More Than Instructional Videos
With more than 70,000 self-paced lessons created by teachers, offers an entire suite of assignment and assessment tools. Teachers can assign individual lessons, and even entire courses with students via Google Classroom or by creating a Classroom. Videos can be assigned to an entire class or to individual students.
Assignment and Assessment Tools
Teachers and students can view a lesson transcript, summary, and learning outcomes for each video lesson. After watching a video and reviewing lesson materials, students demonstrate the skills they have learned by completing a short quiz.  Students and teachers can view  a summary of the goals, skills practiced, and suggested related lessons for additional learning for each quiz.

Mastery-Based Learning
Students are provided with immediate feedback on quizzes. In addition to correct answers, students are provided with a link to watch video of the correct answer, and a written explanation.  They have the opportunity to retake quizzes multiple times until reaching a score of at least 80%. Teachers will see a student’s first quiz score, and their best quiz score.
More Than 4,100 Video Courses
Teachers are not limited to just searching for and assigning individual videos; offers more than 4,100 complete courses. These courses are designed to meet the specific needs of teachers and students; from courses designed for test preparation to courses intended to function as a textbook replacement. For example, in addition to a general High School Biology course, I also found a High School Biology courses designed specifically for Help & Review, Tutoring Solution, and Homework Help Resource.
Test Prep for Teacher Certification
Teachers who are preparing for initial licensure, or looking to expand their certifications will love’s resources for teacher certification exams. Teacher certification courses are available for for most state and national exams, including Praxis, TExES, FTCE, and others.
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