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Title Capitalization Made Easy – Just Copy and Paste

Title Capitalization Rules Are Confusing
I’ve always struggled with capitalizing titles. I’m pretty sure I remember being taught to capitalize the first word, last word, and important words (whatever that means), after that I have no idea what to do. I’ve read that you shouldn’t capitalize prepositions or conjunctions, BUT…
If you’re using the Chicago Manual of Style, you should capitalize all prepositions.
Some style guides call for capitalization of prepositions that are longer than three letters.
Other guides say to capitalize prepositions and conjunctions of four letters or more.
And don’t forget… capitalize after a colon if you’re using APA, otherwise don’t.
Confused yet?
Properly Capitalize Titles Automatically
After TitleCap found its eternal resting place in the EdTech Graveyard, I was relieved to find Capitalize My Title. Just type or paste in your title and watch it get instantly capitalized. In addition to the ability to select among the four major style guides (APA, Chicago, AP, MLA), you’ll find a variety of other styles and tools. Paste any text into their site and transform it into all upper case, all lower case, or choose to capitalize alternating letters.

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