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The Top 5 Podcasts for Teachers

Podcasts for Teachers
I always say it’s a great time to be a teacher. New technologies are constantly changing what is possible in the classroom, the skills our students need to be successful are changing at an increasing rate, and we no longer need to teach in isolation. The ability to share resources, strategies, and ideas has never been easier. Unfortunately, we are also busier than ever, and staying current with 21st-century teaching and learning requires educators to look for new ways to be continuously learning.
When I add up the time I spend alone in my car, on the elliptical, or working around the house, I realize that it makes up a good amount of my “non-working” hours. The number of awesome podcasts for teachers being produced today has enabled me to turn this time into opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development. Whether I’m streaming in my car or listening through my earbuds, podcasts have become an essential part of my professional growth.

Nick’s Picks for Educational Podcasts
I’ve rounded up my top five most-listened-to podcasts to share with you. Here they are, in no particular order, my picks for educational podcasts.
The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast
Two awesome bloggers, authors, and speakers, Kasey Bell and Matt Miller, have joined forces to bring you practical ideas for making the most of Google tools in the classroom. In addition to being super-informative and a great way to keep up with all things Google, the banter between “Jimmy Matt” and Kasey is funny and entertaining. Be sure to stay tuned for the outtakes at the end of each episode.
Check out The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast.
Cult of Pedagogy
If you’re new to podcasts, Cult of Pedagogy is a great place to start. Jennifer Gonzalez covers a wide range of topics from “Six Powerful Learning Strategies You MUST Share with Students”  to “OMG Becky. PD is Getting So Much Better!”Episode 92 “Frickin Packets” is a can’t-miss. Every episode is engaging, thoroughly researched and organized, and full of practical tips and strategies for teachers.
Check out The Cult of Pedagogy.
The House of #EdTech
While I’m consistently getting surprises within each episode, I know I can benefit from three regular segments in every episode. Mr. Nessi shares his opinions on a wide range of EdTech topics with his EdTech Thought; He suggests a new tool that teachers may find helpful with his EdTech Recommendation, and he helps build your PLN with a shoutout to a new educator in each episode as the House of EdTech VIP.  These three segments alone are great, but each episode’s featured content brings in fresh ideas from some incredible guests. Mr. Nessi is also the founder of the Education Podcast Network and the producer of The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast.
Check out The House of #EdTech.
10-Minute Teacher Podcast
If you’re short on time, the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast is for you. At two separate ISTE conferences, I’ve enjoyed watching teachers’ reactions to seeing Vicki Davis in the hallways as though they had just spotted a celebrity. The truth is that she is a celebrity in the world of education. I’ve been learning from her through The Cool Cat Teacher Blog for years, and have recently made her latest blog part of my daily routine.  A new episode is released every weekday to provide you with inspiration, ideas, tools, and motivation through brief interviews with teachers from around the world. I have no idea where Vicki finds the time to produce so much great content for teachers, but I’m grateful that she does.
Check out the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast.
Hack Learning Podcast
Mark Barnes is the founder of Times 10 Publications and the Hack Learning Series of books for teachers. The series features some of the top thought leaders in education today. Like the Hack Learning Series, the podcast is aimed at providing practical strategies that you can implement in your classroom right away.  Mark is a kindred spirit in his near-constant challenging of the status quo. This is perhaps most evident in his “uncut” episodes. These unedited, off-the-cuff, rants are among my favorite episodes.
Check out the Hack Learning Podcast.
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The work of Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez was the basis of my post on Pineapple Charts. The people featured above are not only great podcasters, but many are also engaging authors. Check out some of their books:
What Are Your Favorite Podcasts for Teachers?
Share your favorite podcasts in the comments below or on Twitter.

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