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TED Ed – Turn YouTube videos into lessons worth sharing.

I’ve been using TED Talks in the classroom for a long time, but I just recently discovered the power of TED Ed.  TED Ed allows you to turn any YouTube Video into a “lesson worth sharing.”  Check out a sample lesson that explains how to use TED Ed here.  If you’re not familiar with TED Talks they are free online videos from a set of conferences that really do offer “free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers.”  “Before I die I want to…” is a favorite of my students.

TED Ed allows teachers to create online lessons using any TED video or any YouTube video.
Lessons are divided into up to four sections:
Watch (no explanation needed)
Think – add multiple choice or open answer questions
Dig Deeper – a place to add additional resources like links
Discuss – a place for online discussion
You can browse TED Original lessons or user-generated lessons sorted by subject.  Each lesson gives you a “Flip This Lesson” button allowing you to customize and share.

Creating your own lesson is surprisingly easy.
Just provide a link to a YouTube video, type a few questions, add some links and resources, and provide a discussion topic.  Any of the four sections can be excluded from lessons as you see fit.
Share your lessons with a URL.
Students must create an account in order to complete lessons.  Simply share your link with them and you will have access to their quiz results.  My favorite piece is the “Discuss” section that has really pushed my students to think critically in expressing their viewpoints.

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