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Tagxedo – Customizable Word Clouds

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I previously wrote about Wordle, another word cloud generator that I like, but Tagxedo seems to offer a few more bells and whistles.   Both make word clouds with words sized according to frequency of occurrence in the text, but Tagxedo offers more ways to input sources of words.  It also offers many more options for customizing the appearance of your word clouds.

News Search: World Series
Tagxedo allows you to make interesting word clouds out of any typed text (copy & paste if you like), URL, Twitter ID (I couldn’t get it to work), ID, News Search, Web Search, or RSS feed.

The site did require that I download Microsoft Silverlight(free).  It’s relatively straightforward to make a word cloud, then customize colors, and choose from a variety of shapes.

When you’re finished you can print, save, share on Twitter or Facebook, or order mugs, t-shirts, etc.

Need some ideas for using Word Clouds in the classroom?
Check out 101 Ways to Use Tagxedo.
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