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Students and Teachers Make Interactive Images with Thinglink

Interactive Images with Thinglink

Thinglink‘s interactive image generator is perfect for enhancing illustrations and diagrams, making interactive infographics and posters, and creating scenes for digital breakout activities. Creating interactive images has never been easier. Just upload an image, and with a few clicks, you can add text, image overlays, video, links, or even vocal narration. Even sharing these interactive images is a snap: just copy and paste a link, or embed your interactive image practically anywhere.

More Than Just Interactive Images

Thinglink also allows you to create interactive videos, 360° Photos (similar to Google Tour Creator), and 360° videos. All media formats work similarly, with video interactivity being time-specific. As of this writing, all four options are available through the free teacher account, but features and options change frequently.

Make Images Interactive with Tags

Users add tags to any image they upload in order to make it interactive. Tags display text, images, video, links, and more when users click icons placed on the interactive image.

Text and Image Tags

Clicking on an icon pulls up a card consisting of just an image, an image with a description, even a button that brings users to another site if you choose. Fill in as many or as few fields as you wish; the tag card’s layout adjusts to your content automatically.

Video Tags

Just paste a YouTube URL to embed a video directly in your image.

Embed Code Tags

Pull any content that provides an embed code into your interactive image.

Create Tour Tags

Tour creator links bring users to a different Thinglink image/video. This feature allows you to create tours consisting of multiple scenes, and even multiple media formats.

Text Label Tags

The easiest way to label a diagram is with the use of simple, short text labels (limited to 140 characters).

Examples of Thingklink for Education

“Plate tectonics” via David Hartwell

by Ron Burke

I found this great example of a teacher enhancing a basic illustration by adding text, images, and video.

The Amazon Rainforest

by Susan

Check out this example of an entire assignment within an interactive image.

Student Example

by Laura Moore

This is an example of student work submitted for an assignment. You can view the assignment here.

How Will You Use Thinglink in the Classroom?

Share your ideas in the comments below, or on Twitter.

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