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Skitch – Take screenshots and make tutorials.

Skitch is much more than a way to capture screenshots, but it has become my go-to program for just that purpose (much like Jing has become my go-to for screencasting).  It allows you to take a picture of your whole screen, part of your screen, or a screenshot after 5 seconds (just enough time to select a drop-down menu for the pic.).  What sets Skitch apart is the quick, easy editing features.  You can turn a simple screenshot into a professional looking tutorial in seconds.

A screenshot illustrating the many ways to follow this blog (hint, hint).

You don’t need an account to use Skitch, but an Evernote account improves functionality and allows you to save each screenshot to your Evernote notebooks.  Skitch is now owned by Evernote, so the two work together seamlessly.  Check out Evernote’s blog post about using skitch as a teaching tool.

The many annotation features of Skitch.
I took a screenshot of the results of a recent Google form and used the many stamps (?, !, X, etc.) to show the many ways you can annotate a picture.  While the arrows and free-hand marker and highlighting are cool, the ability to pixilate (blur out) images is rarely found in comparable programs and has many uses.  In the image above I used pixilate to blur out student names for privacy.
Skitch is available for Windows, Mac, Windows 8 (Touch), iOS, and Android.

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