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Quizlet – Why it’s still among my favorite study tools.

Quizlet has been around for a long time, and I was reminded why it remains so popular when I added a new set of terms for my students today.  Quizlet is nicely described as “simple tools that let you study anything, for free.”  Below are the three main reasons I continue to use Quizlet with my students.
#1 A variety of engaging study tools.
Quizlet is great for digital flashcards, but goes well beyond that by allowing students to choose from six study modes including games.

Scatter Mode – Drag terms to definitions and make them disappear.
#2 Collaborative Atmosphere
Quizlet allows you to search for and use study sets made by other users.  There is no need to recreate the wheel, just type in any subject of topic to get started.  Combine this sharing feature with the fact that it’s free and easy to use, and you’ll have students making and sharing study sets with little effort. I was able to search for and embed the flashcards below without even logging in.

#3 Easy Import
There is no need to retype terms.  Quizlet’s easy import tool allows you to copy and paste terms from practically any source (Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, Google Docs…).  You then get to specify how they are formatted by indicating what is between the terms and the definitions (space, dash, colon…) and what indicates a line break.  You can even preview before importing.

Importing terms is easy!
Review anywhere – share a link, embed a learning set in your website, or download iOS and Android apps.  More features are available with paid accounts.

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