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Popplet – take concept maps to the next level.


Thinking Maps, Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Brainstorming Clouds, Graphic Organizers… whatever you call them, Popplet makes creating them online fun!

A free account allows you to make and store 5 free concept maps or “Popplets.”  You can make more if you delete previous Popplets; you just can’t have anymore than 5 saved at a time with a free account.

It’s pretty simple:
Double click on the screen to add a bubble or “Popple.”
Type in the Popple to add text.
Change the Popple color or font size with a mouse click.
You can draw in a Popple with your mouse or add an image from your computer, YouTube, Facebook, or Flickr.
Drag your mouse to resize or move Popples.

Clicking on the question mark at the top of the screen pulls up a quick, 9-step tutorial.

You can share your Popplets on Facebook, Twitter, via email, copying a link, or an embed code.

You can even allow those you share with to edit, allowing for collaboration in real-time (although I have experienced a fair amount of lag, but nothing to really complain about).

My students picked up Popplet quickly.  I’ve used it to create timelines for instruction and to brainstorm my last presentation – perfect for visual learners.

iPad users should check out the app: 

Interesting essay samples and examples on:

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