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Poll Everywhere – a web-based student response system.

Posted November 15, 2013 by Nick LaFave under Student Response Systems

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an excellent alternative to expensive student / classroom response systems.  The site allows you to poll students or ask them questions that they respond to via web browser, text message, or Twitter.  Results are displayed in real time.  It’s a perfect tool for formative assessment, and a great must-have in BYOD classrooms.

Additional Features:
Integrates with PowerPoint and Keynote
Set up multiple-choice questions that are automatically graded.
Create multiple choice or open-ended questions.
Clickable image questions allow students to click on images you upload to respond.
Students do NOT need an account to respond to questions.
Poll responses are updated in real time.
Publish polls as a PowerPoint or Keynote slide.
Paid plans are available that allow for greater participant tracking and response reporting.

It’s incredibly easy to use!


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