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Math Teachers Save Time: 5 Easy Ways to Create Equations with Equatio

Typing Equations Is Difficult, Equatio Makes it Easy

Equatio is a dream come true for math teachers looking for an easy way to “type” mathematical expressions and equations. Until now, typing equations was a tedious task often involving knowledge of a myriad of keyboard shortcuts and requiring too many clicks to count.

Equatio Chrome Extension

Equatio’s Google Chrome Extension works with practically all Google file types. You can use it to insert equations into a Google Doc, Sheet, Form, Slide, or Drawing. Download the Equatio extension from the Chrome Web Store and activate it in any any Google application to get started.

5 Easy Ways to Create Equations with Equatio

The video below is intended for those who would like a step-by-step tutorial for all five ways to create equations with Equatio. It’s rather lengthy, so you may wish to skip to the parts you are most interested in. It also moves along pretty quickly, so be prepared to pause frequently if you’re following along.

Type Equations with Predictive Text

Typing equations with predictive text in Equatio is a game changer. Just type the equation as normal; any time you come to an expression that is not on your keyboard, just begin typing the words for it and predictive text will pull it up.

When typing the quadratic equation, I might type simple expressions as usual (i.e. “x = -b”), but when I get to expressions that aren’t so easy to type I can simply type the words. For example:

“plus or minus” becomes ±
“the square root of b squared” becomes √b2
I rarely have to type more than a few letters or words before Equatio correctly predicts what I’m trying to type.

Say the Equation with Speech-to Text

Equatio’s speech-to-text feature works surprisingly well. I find the voice recognition is incredibly accurate. Your speech is typed out in words on one side of the screen while it’s transformed into an equation on the other. You can quickly edit anything that’s not accurate with just a few clicks.

Write the Equation

Equatio provides two convenient options for converting handwritten equations: just write on a mobile device screen, or take a picture. Connecting your phone or tablet is as easy as scanning a QR code (no app is required). The handwriting recognition had no problem recognizing my sloppy handwriting on my iPad and converting it into a perfectly formatted equation.

Snap a Photo

If you prefer to write on paper or a white board, you can select the photo option on your mobile device to take a picture of your equation. In seconds, your handwriting is transformed into a typed equation and can be inserted into the original document on your computer with one tap.

Search Formulas

If you’re trying to insert a common formula, save time by searching Equatio’s large library. Find the formula and insert it into your document with one click.

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