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Manage Paper Like a Boss – Turn your iPad into a Document Scanner

OK, I’ll Say It: I Hate Managing Paper
Efficiently dealing with paper has been something I’ve struggled with throughout my entire teaching career. I’m not implying that paper doesn’t have a place in education; it certainly does. I just don’t like managing it. Digital files are instantly searchable, take up less physical space, are typically easier to edit, and more convenient to share. I make every effort to minimize the amount of paper I have to work with. Unfortunately, scanning documents has traditionally been slow, sloppy, and inconvenient.

Scan Documents with Your iPad
Now you can turn any piece of paper into a high-quality PDF in seconds. Just open the app and point it at the paper you wish to digitize. You don’t even have to push a camera button, the image is captured automatically for you. It’s such an amazingly simple experience.
Scannable Makes Scanning Simple
Unlike depositing a check with my banking app, the document comes into focus quickly. Unlike other scanner apps I’ve used, Scannable generates professional looking PDFs.
Just keep scanning for multiple page documents. You’ll have a chance to review, edit, and reorder pages into a single file later. After scanning your page(s), You can rotate, crop, or enhance the image with one tap. Although I rarely feel the need to edit as long as I’m scanning in good light.
Conveniently Save and Share Files
Scannable is made by (and designed to be used with) Evernote, but it’s an equally amazing app without using Evernote. Files can be saved to your camera roll, or to a specific notebook in Evernote. You can send your file via email with a single tap, or use the almighty iOS “sharrow” to share it to practically any app (AirDrop too).
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Have Any Tips for Digitizing Paper?
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