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How to Remove the Background from Pictures of People in 3 Clicks

Remove the Background Automatically, short for “remove background” is the easiest way to remove the background from photos of people. Just upload or share the URL of a photo and the background will be removed instantly. Currently, it only works with images containing at least one person. Update: is no longer limited to just pictures of people, however, free accounts are now limited to low-resolution images.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Removing the background from images can be tedious. removed the background from every picture I have tested as soon as it was uploaded without the need for additional selecting of pixels or outlining of people. It just works; automatically. What makes this site so accurate is that it uses artificial intelligence to detect people in the image; everything else is considered background and therefore removed.

Get Creative

With, students can get green screen affects without a green screen. Just remove the background from an image and use overlay it on the background of your choice. You don’t need a special app, just add your background to any file (document, presentation, etc.) then drop your background-free image on top.

More Than People?

Background Burner is a great tool for removing the background form pictures that aren’t of people. For those pictures, I recommend Background Burner.

How will you use in the classroom?

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