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How to Make Online Jigsaw Puzzles in 5 Easy Steps

Online jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to provide clues in a variety of learning experiences, including breakout activities and scavenger hunts. I’ve even seen them used as part of an anticipatory set. Jigsaw Planet is perhaps the easiest way to make online jigsaw puzzles from any image. It’s free, and the puzzles work on any device with an internet browser.

Example Puzzle

Here’s a puzzle I made as part of a digital breakout game. Students had to solve the puzzle and figure out the literary device being used.

How to Make Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Go to
Click “Create” at the top of the screen.
Upload an image.
The name of your photo is copied to the puzzle name field by default. You can change the puzzle name (it’s seen by people completing your puzzle).
Optional: Modify the difficulty of your puzzle by choosing the number of puzzle pieces and the shapes that you would like to use for your puzzle pieces. You can further increase puzzle difficulty by opting to start your puzzle with the pieces rotated in random directions.

Verify that you aren’t a robot.
Click “Create.”
Share Your Puzzle

Just copy and share the link of your puzzle, or you can get an embed code if you want to insert the puzzle directly into a website or LMS.

No Account Required

No account is required to make a puzzle, but creating a free account allows you to save puzzles and return to edit or share them later.

How Do You Use Online Jigsaw Puzzle in the Classroom?

Add your ideas in the comments below or on Twitter.

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