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How to Create Google Docs Templates

Note: Google Classroom does this automatically for any assignment that includes a Google file.

Google Docs Templates

Sharing templates through Google Drive is a great time saver for teachers. You could share a “view only” version of your file and require students to go to File>Make a Copy. Unfortunately, this often results in your inbox overflowing with requests for edit access.

A Better Solution

Use this simple trick to share Google Docs Templates. It works for essentially any G Suite file (Docs, Drawings, Sheets, Slides).

Change File Share Settings

Change the file share settings to Anyone with the link can view.
Click the Share button at the top-right of your screen.
Click Advanced
Click Change… beside Private – Only you can access
Select On – Anyone with the link
Access should be set to View by default.

Click Save
Click Done
Create a Template Link

Change the word edit (and any text after edit) at the end of the file’s URL to template/preview.
Press return.
Your new link should pull up a preview of the file with a Use Template button.
Copy and share your new template link.
I prefer this method over creating a force-copy link because it allows users to preview the file before copying it to their drive.

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