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Flipped Classroom Resources for All Content Areas

Posted August 6, 2015 by Nick LaFave under Flipped Classroom & Blended Learning, Presentation Resources

Links and resources from my workshops and conferences.


The graphic below is intended to help those new to making flipped classroom videos.  I have outlined common options for creating videos based on your preferred operating system.  Click on the graphic to download apps or view a tutorial.
Two options have been listed for PC in case PowerPoint is not being used.
Two options are also listed for iPad.  Explain Everything is my preferred choice, but it is not free so I have also included a free app.
Please Click Here if the infographic above will not load on your network.
More Screencasting Options
Create Interactive Lessons
Video Tools
Find Off-The-Shelf Flipped Classroom Lessons
Communication & Assessment Tools
SocrativePoll EverywhereTodaysMeetFlubarooQuizStarBlubbrClassMarkerClick here for more assessment resources.

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