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Flashcard Stash – An Easy, Entertaining Vocabulary Review Tool

Flashcard Stash is a great digital flashcard tool that makes vocabulary review less tedious.  When you type a new term Flashcard Stash provides a definition from Wictionary.  You can select the best definition, edit it, or type one of your own.  You can also copy and paste virtually any terms list.  Just indicate the character you use to separate terms from definitions, and you’ll have flashcards in seconds.

Users can also add images from Wikipedia or Flickr to terms lists, which was very useful in the list embedded below which allows you to identify rocks from pictures or definitions.  Flashcard Stash can also provide contextual sentences from online new sources for any term with the click of an icon.


Multiple choice and fill-in the blank (hints available) are the basic review games.  Other games include a timed drag and drop matching game, a “waterfall” game where definitions fall and decrease in point value until you type the correct term.

Matching Game

A Learning Mode allows students to add terms to review followed by a multiple choice and fill-in the blank quiz.  The results of the quiz are used adapt your review experience.

A free teacher account provides the opportunity to create classes and share lists.  If you’relooking for a simple vocabulary review tool check out Flashcard Stash.

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