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Find Copyright-Free, Properly Cited Images for Student Use

Photos For Class makes it easy for students to quickly find copyright-free images that are automatically cited upon download.  As students move from consuming content to creating content, it’s important that we teach them about copyright.  I also want my students to cite sources, but I don’t want them spending a lot of time doing it.
I’m a big fan of the automatically added, concise citations.
Copyright Free / Copyright Friendly
Searches will return pictures that are fair use due to no known copyright, being government work, or licensed as Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution, Non Commercial.
Properly Cited
The citation feature is what sets Photos For Class apart from other sites.  Photos For Class automatically adds citations to the bottom of each image that you use.  The concise citations include the photo name, author, a link to the original image, the type of license, and a link to more information on the license.  Now students can cite image sources without spending lots of time with in-text citations and bibliographies.
Age Appropriate & School Safe
Photos For Class takes multiple steps to filter out inappropriate images.  A lot of images retrieved come from Flickr, where they are already filtered as “globally safe for all ages.”  Photos For Class restricts certain search terms and keywords, and additionally relies on users to report inappropriate images.
Making it even better for the classroom.
Give it a try:

Click here to add a search bar like the one above to your class website.
Edmodo User?
Are you an Edmodo user? Check out the free Photos for Class app in the Edmodo store.
What are your favorite sources for copyright-friendly images?

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