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Create Engaging Assignments With This Amazon Template

Templates for Engaging Assignments

Fake social media templates have been long popular on Nick’s picks an engaging way for students to demonstrate an understanding of course content. The positive feedback I have received from teachers about my Netflix template encouraged me to continue expanding this type of approach in new ways. An Amazon template seemed like an equally engaging approach to incorporate a wider range of content.

Amazon Template

Students can use the Amazon template to create “products” from a variety of items. What would you you shop for before heading out on the Oregon Trail? What if cells had to shop for their organelles? What types of products would you have found on Amazon during the roaring twenties?

Cell Organelles ExampleClick to view full-sized image.

Roaring Twenties ExampleClick to view full-sized image.

Download the Template

The template is available for Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides. The last slide of each template features directions for customization.

How Will Your Students Use the Amazon Template?

Please share your ideas for using the Amazon template in the comments below or on Twitter.

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