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Create Digital Crossword Puzzles – Quick, Easy, and Free

Crossword Labs is more than a crossword puzzle maker. It also provides students with the opportunity to complete crossword puzzles online and receive immediate feedback.
Make Crossword Puzzles in Minutes
It’s really easy to create crossword puzzles. You don’t even need to log in. Just type your word followed by a space then a clue. Just make sure that you type only one word/clue pair per line. It’s a good idea to create a passcode so that students can’t simply look up the answer key.
Share Your Crossword Puzzle
Your puzzles can be saved as PDF or Word files with one click. My favorite feature of Crossword labs is the ability to share puzzles with a link, allowing students to complete the puzzle online and receive immediate feedback.
Complete Puzzles Online
Students can complete the puzzles online by simply clicking in a cell and typing. Pressing enter after typing in a word allows students to receive immediate feedback; correct answers will change to green font and wrong answers will appear in red.

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