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An Online Drawing Tool That Makes Everyone an Artist – AutoDraw

Teachers have so many assignments that ask students to demonstrate learning through drawing. I can’t say how many times in the past I’ve had students sketch the water cycle or a food web. Unfortunately drawing can be daunting task for a lot of us. As a student, I remember being frustrated with any assignment that required drawing. I would have loved a tool like AutoDraw. AutoDraw can turn your scribblings into a work of art. It’s an online drawing tool from Google Creative Labs that works on any device.
No App Needed – Just Start Drawing
There’s no app to download; just go to and start drawing.  AutoDraw tries to recognize the object that you’re drawing and suggests drawings from talented artists that match. Just tap on the suggestion that matches what you’re trying to draw and to replace your image with one from AutoDraw.
Customize Your Drawings With These Simple Tools
Draw Tool – for free-form drawing.
Color Picker – choose the color you want.
Type Tool – add some text.
Shape Tool – make shapes.
Fill Tool – add some color.
Select Tool – More, rotate, and resize objects.
Sharing Your Drawings
You can download your drawing as a .png file, or select share to generate a link to your drawing. You can also share directly to Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus.
Do You Have Some Ideas for Using AutoDraw in the Classroom?
Please share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

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