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A Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers provides teachers with a quick and easy way to check content from student work for exact phrase matches on the internet. Tools like Turnitin are much more robust, but can be cost prohibitive for teachers.
Plagiarism Checker
Simply go to Like most free sites, it’s littered with adds. In fact, you’ll need to close the add that pops up in the bottom right corner before you can use the site. To get started, copy any suspicious sentence from a student paper and paste it into the search box. You can enter multiple phrases or sentences, just hit “Enter” after each phrase. Click search when you are done entering phrases you want to check, and a Google search for your phrase or phrases will open. Exact phrase matches are shown in bold on the search page.
You can achieve the same results by performing an exact phrase match in Google. Just enclose your phrase with quotation marks in the search box. just streamlines the process.
Know of Another Free Way to Check for Plagiarism?
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