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10 Must-Have Math Apps for Elementary

Posted March 8, 2020 by Nick LaFave under Featured App

Free Math Apps
The Math Learning Center has created 10 free math apps featuring virtual manipulatives and interactive visual models. These open-ended learning tools allow students to show understanding by annotating with the drawing tool. You can also add equations, expressions, and descriptions with the math text and writing tools.
Works on Laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks
All of their math apps are available as a web app (works within a web browser), iOS app (iPad/iPhone), and in the Chrome Web Store.

Represent the whole as a bar or circle.
Choose the size of the whole and the number of equal parts.
Compare fractions.
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions.

Stretch bands around the geoboard’s pegs to create line segments and polygons.
Great for learning about area, perimeter, angles, congruence, fractions, etc.

Math Clock
Analog clocks with geared or free-moving hands.
Solve problems with the elapsed time tool.
Shade fractions parts of an hour.

Math Vocabulary Cards
Build an understanding of key terms in math.
Cards have three sections that can be hidden/revealed for practice:
Math Term
Example or Model

Money Pieces
Virtual Currency – similar in size and appearance to real currency.
Area Money Pieces – each piece is on the scale of one square equals one penny.

Number Frames
5, 10, 20, 100 number frames
Custom frames up to 12×12
Variety of counters and colors.

Number Line
Set the starting value (including negative values).
Mark the line with whole numbers, fractions, or decimals.
Add and label backward and forward jumps.

Number Pieces
Place Value Blocks / Base Ten Blocks / Number Pieces
Ones, tens, hundreds.
Combine/break apart pieces in groups of ten.
Move, rotate, and duplicate pieces.

Number Rack
a.k.a. Rekenrek (calculating frame/arithmetic rack)
Explore addition and subtraction strategies
Encourage thinking in groups of fives and tens

Pattern Shapes
Explore geometry and fractions.
Investigate angles and symmetry.
Measure angles with the protractor tool.

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